Friday, September 29, 2006

Updated UFO List

Why do the opening credits for the new season of Degrassi look like a cheap rip-off of Beverly Hills 90210? I feel soiled somehow. I was so creeped out I couldn't even do more than 6 rows of knitting that I didn't have to keep unravelling. I was outraged, I tell ya!

*shakes fist at sky for no discernable reason*

Anyhow, here's my updated UFO list. You'll notice there are only three things on it. Five if you count the ones that I didn't post photos of.

First offender is the Eggplant Corset Pullover. Pretty. I've knitted two more inches on it this month. I might finish it by December 2007.

Not pictured is the 1940's Ribbed Pullover, because I've only done two more rows since the last time I photographed it for your amusement. Yeah, keep on laughing.

New on the list is a pair of 1940's woolly knickers. In red. This is what I kept having to unravel while fuming at Degrassi. Some time back I mumbled something about wanting woolly knickers to go with my woolly stockings so I wouldn't get icicles dangling from my hoo-hah. The legs aren't as long as the pattern I'm still looking for but those weren't done in this snappy lace pattern. I'm rather amused by how see-through it is so far. I'm picturing these being very very drafty as well as a wee bit itchy.

Another unpictured project is a Secret Knitted Thingy for my Secret PRGE Pally. It's not what you were hinting at since I'd started it before you muttered something about it. Keep your shirt on, you might get that knitted up too. Or I could just unravel it and send you the yarn.

*Rubs hands evilly*

The oldest UFO in the collection is the Endless J & P Coats Project. I haven't touched it since I moved to the new place. I'd like to finish it while I can still remember just what the hell it is.

All this means I finished the long-ass gloves for the November MagKnits and the pattern has been sent off. I'm sure they've assumed it's a joke pattern and are laughing hysterically at it as we speak. I still have to sew a lining for the Ennui bag so's I can fill it full of gum wrappers, pens that don't work, and illegible notes to myself written in some sort of primitive subhuman language.

There was supposed to be an amusing cat photo here but Blogger is tired and doesn't want to upload any more stuff.


Scott said...

Damn, the new Degrassi season started and I missed it? Feck!

metal and knit said...

New degrassi I never moved after Schools out actually I think I want to watch my dvds again of the original degrassi

sunshyne said...

what're you talking a-boat?

love all the knitting goodness!!

Severina said...

I want the old Degrassis but I'm way too chintzy to buy the DVDs.

I'd buy the 90210 DVDs if they'd hurry up and put the damn things out. Just the high school ones though.

sunneshine said...

Back to the crochet, the Endless J & P Coates project is Amazing!! Its beautiful! I really like the wooly knickers, too -- but that crochet blew me away. Just wanted to pass on how great I think your work is . . .

maiyuan said...

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