Sunday, March 30, 2014

Some Species of Update

I've finally gotten around to making printable PDF versions of some of my patterns. 

Crocheted Cogs


Jolly Roger Ski Band

I have a couple of new patterns I haven't finished writing up.  They'll be posted both here and in my Ravelry shop, most of them will still be free.

Back to my nap.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

News and Other Thingies

I've been intending on writing up two shawl patterns and posting them (dead laptop) plus I'm claiming I'm working on a book on filet crochet underthings (pure laziness) but I wrote this thing instead (brain damage).  Inexplicably it's published on Amazon where everyone can see it.

Sadly, it isn't the novel I've been working on for the past couple years.

Grace Harlowe At Overton College, Or Freshman Year Among the Undead is a mashup of an old-timey book from 1915.  I thought instead of all that basketball (brr!) I'd reanimate the dead.  Amazon has a preview and there's an excerpt over at the Blogopticon.

If reanimated old-timey college girls aren't your thing I've also got a pile of vintage patterns I've been sorting through.  I'll have a couple posted once I get the shawls written up and photographed.

Or I could take another really long nap.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

New projects..mumble...grumble

Let's just pretend I never mentioned the aforementioned gray stockings.  They are oh, about three sizes too big and need to be completely reworked.  They've been in a knitting bag mocking me for months now and I'm too annoyed to bother.  Meh. 

I still want to redo the blog layout and clean up old dead links or whatever.  Meh again. is being reworked into a print version with entirely too many illustrations and graphics.  A novel is eating what's left of my brain and it's in an interminably long editing stage.  A couple people are reading the thing and probably ruing the day I was born. 

I do have three new projects on Ravelry to show you guys.  Yeah, I just now got around to joining Ravelry. Time travels in reverse here, OK?

All my Ravelry patterns will have links here and I'll keep posting free vintage patterns at the Stitch-O-Rama.  I'll have the occasional new free design but I'll keep my prices low on the others. 

I get use that hateful program from work to make my pattern layouts.  Awesome.  Don't even ask me how much I despise that thing, but it's free so whatever.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Plans

My plans for this weekend's hurricane involve finally (stop laughing!) writing out the pattern for the oft-promised gray lace stockings. After a few hours of digging I found the original scribbled notes that got lost in the complete disaster I've gradually let happen while I fight with this accursed novel. I've been intending on doing a nice layout in a pdf file for easier downloading and printing, unless the power goes out and I'm sitting here for the next couple days in the dark listening to the wind blow.

The black lace ones have been put on the back burner for the moment because the cotton/wool blend yarn didn't have enough wool in it for stockings. I was trying to make some summer lace things, and thought I had the perfect yarn but it had absolutely no memory whatsoever. I'd try them on, they'd stretch a little, and after maybe four times of briefly trying them on they'd grown large enough for me to but both legs into. There was no point in writing out the pattern and saying, "Hey, use better yarn, OK?" Yeah, that would've been an awesome pattern.

I think I can get a little design work going on some things I've had ideas for but haven't had the time to work on. I'm not in a novel-writing mood today so I might dust off the knitting needles and pick the cat hair off some yarn. Lots and lots of cat hair.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Questions and Comments and Suchlike Plus A Straight Jacket

Sorry to anyone who has posted a comment with a question or suggestion--my comments don't connect to my email so I tend to find them much too late. Have a go at my email in my profile and I'll get back with answers pretty fast.

I did find an intriguing question by Jess in my comments today while I was looking for a pattern to link to and it was about finding a straight jacket pattern or making up one.

Have you seen the book Naughty Needles? There's a straight jacket inspired pattern in there with extra-long sleeves that fasten in the back with a D-ring on one sleeve and a metal spring clip on the other. But you could find a sort of plain, unadorned sweater pattern, lengthen the bottom and attach a pair of D-rings at the back crotch and a knitted strap at the front if you don't want it to ride up and lengthen the sleeves maybe 10"-12" with a pair of D-rings on one sleeve end and a strap on the other to cinch them up. Or metal fasteners which might look more interesting when they're not fastened.

Yes, I'm tempted to whip one up right now. There are a couple of fetish-type things I'm in the middle of designing along with a cyber-gothic thing or two, now that the graphics rush at work is done and I can let my brain cool off again, so new patterns coming up in the next few weeks or so.

Yes, that is a threat.