Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lunch Hour Washcloth Set

Lunch Hour Washcloth Set is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to combine sandwiches and baths.  Roll a fancy slab of soap up in it and your holiday gift-giving list will magically have one less person on it.  It may also imply that you're perfectly wiling to give them a bath, so watch out.

Be lazy!  Be cheap!  All four sandwich pieces are quick to knit and are made of inexpensive, easy-to-care-for cottons that can take a beating.  Tip:  Buy Sugar 'n' Cream in cones and crank them out like nobody's business.

Pattern includes all four pieces, plus extra ideas like baloney slices and that piece of mystery cheese you just now found way in the back of the fridge.

 This pattern is available on Ravelry for $3.00 USD


Saturday, August 09, 2014


I inexplicably feel like extracting a pig out of something. 

I've posted my first paid pattern here and at Ravelry.  I'll keep my prices dirt cheap, like, under $5.00 for most things and under $10.00 for more complicated stuff.  Most things will probably be in the $3.00-$8.00 range.

Anyhow, all vintage patterns I post will stay free.  Free!

I'm starting to re-do some stuff here.  Most likely I'll start out with good intentions, then abandon things at the halfway point when the drywall is patched and primed but I'll lose steam before I can paint the place.  

I felt like I had to take down the "Free Pattern Emporium" sign since I now have one $3.00 shawl so I've got a manky old placeholder thing up for the moment.  All my graphics stuff is on my Windows laptop and I don't feel like hauling it out.  Everything else is on the Linux laptop I use all the time.  Why two?  Because I can buy surplus laptops dirt cheap and upgrade, plus apparently I like living in an apartment littered with old hard drives and such.

Such is life.  Meh.

Moonwort Shawl

This pattern is available for $3.00 USD

Moonworts are ferns of the genus Botrychium. The name comes from the Shetland fern lace patterns in the shawl, plus it’s knitted from a moonlight-colored yarn (that’s a fancy description for “ordinary gray”). There’s also the added bonus that I get to use the word “wort” in polite company.

Try it in lace weight yarns or a fine-gauge chenille for different looks, scrunch it up like a scarf and tie it, drape it, or you could even wrap raw meat in it.

Pictured shawl uses a fingering weight synthetic to withstand the chemicals I seem to wear home from work and was solely an experiment but it has become my go-to shawl for breezy days. I like the way it flaps in the wind--I’m weird like that.

Approx. 5 oz. (650 yards) fingering weight yarn---your mileage may vary
Several yards of waste yarn for casting on
3.25mm (size 3 US) single-point needles
Two 3.25 double-point needles for edging
Stitch markers
Darning needle

Blocked sample shawl is 20” x 60” (51cm x 152cm)

6 sts and 11 rows to one inch in stockinette stitch

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Some Species of Update

I've finally gotten around to making printable PDF versions of some of my patterns. 

Crocheted Cogs


Jolly Roger Ski Band

I have a couple of new patterns I haven't finished writing up.  They'll be posted both here and in my Ravelry shop, most of them will still be free.

Back to my nap.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

News and Other Thingies

I've been intending on writing up two shawl patterns and posting them (dead laptop) plus I'm claiming I'm working on a book on filet crochet underthings (pure laziness) but I wrote this thing instead (brain damage).  Inexplicably it's published on Amazon where everyone can see it.

Sadly, it isn't the novel I've been working on for the past couple years.

Grace Harlowe At Overton College, Or Freshman Year Among the Undead is a mashup of an old-timey book from 1915.  I thought instead of all that basketball (brr!) I'd reanimate the dead.  Amazon has a preview and there's an excerpt over at the Blogopticon.

If reanimated old-timey college girls aren't your thing I've also got a pile of vintage patterns I've been sorting through.  I'll have a couple posted once I get the shawls written up and photographed.

Or I could take another really long nap.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

New projects..mumble...grumble

Let's just pretend I never mentioned the aforementioned gray stockings.  They are oh, about three sizes too big and need to be completely reworked.  They've been in a knitting bag mocking me for months now and I'm too annoyed to bother.  Meh. 

I still want to redo the blog layout and clean up old dead links or whatever.  Meh again. is being reworked into a print version with entirely too many illustrations and graphics.  A novel is eating what's left of my brain and it's in an interminably long editing stage.  A couple people are reading the thing and probably ruing the day I was born. 

I do have three new projects on Ravelry to show you guys.  Yeah, I just now got around to joining Ravelry. Time travels in reverse here, OK?

All my Ravelry patterns will have links here and I'll keep posting free vintage patterns at the Stitch-O-Rama.  I'll have the occasional new free design but I'll keep my prices low on the others. 

I get use that hateful program from work to make my pattern layouts.  Awesome.  Don't even ask me how much I despise that thing, but it's free so whatever.