Monday, December 05, 2005

Free Vintage Patterns #3 and #4

I know yesterday I said I was only going to post things up to the 1930's. After looking at what the site is selling, then remembering that people have been gleefully posting much more recent things all over the net I've decided to go as far as the 1950's. No further than that because my patterns from 1960's to the future suck seven kinds of ass. But then I still get to be really random about what crap I do post.

So. There.

OK, it's snowing here for the first time so I thought it was high time I posted some winter stuff. I should have been putting up practical stuff instead of Opera Bags and skimpy lingerie but that's just me.

Woollen Stockings, Hand Knits By Beehive, 1942, so your legs will be all toasty, itchy warm, and your ass will be covered in icicles*. Two pair, in case you really got that much time on your hands. I'm especially impressed by the fact that the only way to resize these suckers is to make the foot longer. Apparently in the 1940's women's legs only came in one size but their feet didn't. So check gauge and measure around your thigh, because you might have to do some adjusting. And try the damned things on every six inches or so, just to make sure the decreases are doing their job.

Why? Because I said so.

I've already bought the yarn for mine (Henry's Attic, 3 ply Prime Alpaca), so how about you? With any luck, we'll be done by next winter! Yaaay!

So get knitting.

Click on images for more useful, printable size. They look odd when the image comes up, but check your browser's "print preview" option. They look normal and should print that way. It's a shame I'm too lazy to type these out, but then they'd be all fulla mistakes 'n' stuff.

*Now I just have to find that wooly knickers pattern I've seen somewhere just to avoid icicles dangling from my hoo-ha.


Stephieface said...

I just wanted to say that I stumbled across your site today (linked from Lothruin's) and I have to say Thank God I ain't graceful.

Awesome site, I'm enjoying it muchly. As I read your posts, admittedly I must confess that I wish you lived near me cause I think you'd be rocking to hang with.

Keep it up! And thanks for the laughs.

msfortuknit said...

Your kind of a goddess in my eyes but Im sure youve figured it out by now!?!!

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