Sunday, October 15, 2006


My brother captured the Orange Abomination in his true form snaking around the den late one night. I'm surprised he lived to tell the tale.

Back to my deathbed to snuggle up to a bottle of Nyquil.

Hack snort snot sneeze. Bleah. Ick.

Yeah, I hauled my carcass off the sofa just for that.

Updates: I finished the red woolly knickers (smokin'!) and I'm too grouchy to take photos of them today. I also discovered that the Corset Pullover had to be frogged after all. I didn't have enough of the eBay eggplant cotton yarn to get beyond knitting the front and back, so I'll have to redo it in some other yarn. Dang it all to heck.


Glaistig said...

It took me a while to figure what I was looking at in your picture. Now I am scared because I have OA too. Cute by day, and obviously rubbery mutants of the X-Men variety by night. Someone hold me.

Red woolly knickers! Can't wait.

Hope you're at least having some good feverish hallucinations a la Poe. . . .

Anonymous said...

displacer beasties that's what they are!
secret punkster pal

Obsidian Kitten said...

Displacer Beaties! i knew it.
wasn't that an X-Files episode?
no, maybe i dreamt it.

god, i hate frogging shit.

drink more nyquil hunny. that pic looks about as good as i imagine you must feel.

Knitty Cat said...

Not x files, even geekier. AD&D (although these days it's not AD&D it's just D&D. I miss thac0)

maiyuan said...

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