Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm Fevered and Delirious

There's a really lame band at the street festival down the block and pretty soon my neighbors will be traipsing in at varying levels of drunk-off-their-ass. Hopefully there won't be a fragrant new Jackson Pollock masterpiece spattering the hall floor any time soon.

I'm ill and hot and cold and everything tastes bad and smells funny and my head is going to go all 'splody and I just want to spend the next week in bed with a bottle of Nyquil and a tub of Vick's. I've coughed all over this post so you're all probably going to catch it. Nyaaaah.

Oh gawd why does everthing smell like corned beef???

So I climbed out of my death bed to make a post just for you guys. *pause* OK, so it was a death couch and I was watching TV and knitting, same difference. I can feel just as crappy sitting on the sofa as I can sick in bed.

Hack snort sniff gag sneeze.


Miss O'Kitten remembers filmstrips with the little "beep" being played on a tape recorder. But does she remember them ever being played on a record player? The kind that not only played at 45, 33 1/3, and 78 RPMs, they played those 16 RPM records too. "Talking Books" they called 'em.

*scary old person reminiscing laugh*

Was it (dun-dun-dun!) this record player? This is what one of those looks like with a stack of Hasil Adkins albums and a Doughboy's helmet on top of it.

What? I'm a member of the Society For Putting Things On Top of Other Things, so back off.

Every kid should have the experience of hauling one of these heavy-duty monsters back and forth from the AV room. I could probably fling it off the back of a truck and still play a Kraftwerk album like I'm getting ready to do right now. See? Bahn bahn autobahn...

Now get your drunk ass outta my building and go Pollock in somebody else's hallway.


Janice in GA said...

Jeezopete, I had a record player kinda like that when I was a kid.

Remember reel-to-reel tape recorders? How about the little ones, with maybe 3" reels? My brother and I used to tape the audio from Star Trek (TOS) and listen to it over and over. We edited the tape by cutting and taping it back together. :)

Anonymous said...

ahh parents used to have a old wooden radio player that I used to sit inbetween the speakers and listen to radio plays and helen Reddy singing, 'I am woman'. My dad owned a lot of 78's someone in my family still has them I'm sure.
I still have a few vynals...Nina Hargan, Sex pistals (the radio interviews), Maddness, etc....
I do have a record player but my BF usually get there first!!!!

Oh I hope you've not caught a chill from waiting outside for the postie?
rug up sweetie...should send you over my own brewof chillie vodka that would put hair on your chest to keep you warm!

your slightly pissed secret punk pal

Severina said...

This record player still has the name of a school written on the lid. I've got a fancy turntable but I burned up the speakers and I can't listen with headphones all night. So if I want to crank up PiL this is the alternative. At least until I get my ass down to the pawn shop to check out their speakers.

I'd go bankrupt replacing all my vinyl with CDs. I counted one crate and made the guesstimate that I have something like 950 albums, not counting the 78s. That's what I get for living too close to a really good used record shop. I've replaced all the cassettes at least.

Is that Sex Pistols album Some Product? Got that one. Buttloads of Madness, probably a Nina Hagen in there too.

My brother and I used to play with our parents' little reel-to-reel because it made wobbly sounding recordings. We used to pretend they were the missing Nixon Watergate tapes. We were strange children.

Gawd I'm ill. Weapons-grade flu I'm calling this one. I feel like crap and I'm making damn sure everyone around me gets it too. I'm licking the doorknobs as we speak!

I'm delirious.

Jane said...

I have the perfect lp for your record player; "Science Tells Why - Food Additives." Yep, one side with beeps, one without. Guess which side I like best? (Hint - beeeep!). It also has the original filmstrip, with the color slightly turning so all the food looks like it's gone bad. Oh yeah, I have a film strip projector, too. Only reason I don't have the same model record player you do is all my weird music friends get to them before I do.

Hope the doorknob-licking is going well; maybe your Jackson Pollock neighbor will be too sick to pollute your doorway for awhile.

Severina said...

Hell, I wish I had a filmstrip projector. All I have is a 50's movie editing setup.

Creepy old filmstrips are perfect party entertainment!

OK, I guess I go to strange parties.

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