Thursday, October 05, 2006

Knitted Unmentionables

Look, half-done knitted underwear! This is one half of the 1940's knickers I've been threatening to knit. I only have enough of the Nature Spun to knit the bottoms & I haven't decided whether to order some more for the top.

The photo makes them pinkish red but they're really a more fire-engine or maybe a pillarbox color. (Yes, my hair was Pillarbox Red for years)

It's been almost too warm to knit these things in wool right now, but when it gets cold in a few weeks I'll be damn happy to have warm drawers. Y'know, for when the wind blows up your skirt. Wind does that.

*pondering* Didn't Dangermouse live in a pillarbox?

I'm still lusting after the Iva Rose Weldon's undies book. That one on the cover is just screaming for me to spin up the yarn & knit it. Don't you hear it? You don't?

*Quietly slinks away*


Jane said...

Those look fantastic! I'm always inspired by your projects...if my life wasn't rating an 11 on the 1-10 Chaos scale, I'd be resizing those to "huge ass" and knitting meself up a pair. On the other hand, maybe my ass will be slightly less huge by the time I get around to knitting my own underwear - probably just in time for summer.

Severina said...

I kinda thought if I was wasting all my time sewing corsets, crocheting chemises and knitting up stockings, I should at least go the rest of the way and knit panties too.

The sizing on these vintage sets perplexes me. The tops fit 32-34 inch chests and the bottoms are usually 38-40 inches. So in the 1940's women were all ass and no chest?

Jane said...

Sizing is always an adventure in vintage clothing land! Are these sets originally UK patterns? 30 years ago UK clothing manufacturers were not allowing much room for shoulders and bust (I know from trying to buy clothes over there), so it's entirely possible that these patterns were indeed designed all ass and no chest. Which means I'll have less math to do to resize them "huge ass," heh heh.

Severina said...

All the knitted wool undies patterns I've found so far have been either from the UK or Australia. I have no idea why I haven't managed to turn up any US patterns like this. Maybe we had better heating systems then?

Most of the patterns for vintage tops I've found had pretty small busts--32-34 inches is pretty standard. I read somewhere that boobs have gotten loads bigger in the past 40 years.

This bottom stretches to something like 41 inches since it's lace. I've just measured the one half but it goes pretty roomy.

Since the pieces are pretty much squares with a crotch gusset added it should be pretty easy to resize.

the kitchener bitch said...

I had no idea that women of the 40s were expected to have junk in their trunks! Live and learn... I haven't tried knitting any skirts or undies yet, but I'll be on the lookout for that.

I do have a couple of knitted undie patterns from American books - frankly a lot of them look a little the same, but there are some good bits. I just published an American pattern of a camisole on the Kitchener Bitch. Let me know and I'll try to put them out there!

Severina said...

Maybe they were accomodating for any ass-spread when the ladies sat down?

You got any one-piece teddy patterns? I'm thinking I should draft a pattern like the one on that Weldon's cover now that I know how the gussets on the bottoms work. But I'm being lazy.

Jane said...

I've been slowly excavating my vintage pattern collection from my parent's and my storage units (yes, I have way too much junk). I'll see if I can find a one-piece in the stuff I've already unearthed; I seem to remember one, but it may just be a two-piece set. I've got an old pattern book from Canada, eh? It had some undies patterns in it. And I, too, have wondered why there are so few underwear patterns available from US pattern books. It's not like it never gets cold in Minnesota.

Severina said...

Maybe we got tougher asses?



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