Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lunch Hour Washcloth Set

Lunch Hour Washcloth Set is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to combine sandwiches and baths.  Roll a fancy slab of soap up in it and your holiday gift-giving list will magically have one less person on it.  It may also imply that you're perfectly wiling to give them a bath, so watch out.

Be lazy!  Be cheap!  All four sandwich pieces are quick to knit and are made of inexpensive, easy-to-care-for cottons that can take a beating.  Tip:  Buy Sugar 'n' Cream in cones and crank them out like nobody's business.

Pattern includes all four pieces, plus extra ideas like baloney slices and that piece of mystery cheese you just now found way in the back of the fridge.

 This pattern is available on Ravelry for $3.00 USD



Artemisia said...

As odd as it is to say, I'm glad this blog isn't dead! I was linked here via thesteampunkempire and was hoping you weren't entirely inactive. c:

In other news, I plan on whipping these up in a nice lace-weight in mixed colors.

Severina said...

I forget it's here sometimes! Mostly I seem to waste my time on Ravelry or slogging away at a never-ending Novel From Hell some days I wish I'd never started but I can't abandon.

Thanks for checking my pulse! :D

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