Saturday, August 09, 2014


I inexplicably feel like extracting a pig out of something. 

I've posted my first paid pattern here and at Ravelry.  I'll keep my prices dirt cheap, like, under $5.00 for most things and under $10.00 for more complicated stuff.  Most things will probably be in the $3.00-$8.00 range.

Anyhow, all vintage patterns I post will stay free.  Free!

I'm starting to re-do some stuff here.  Most likely I'll start out with good intentions, then abandon things at the halfway point when the drywall is patched and primed but I'll lose steam before I can paint the place.  

I felt like I had to take down the "Free Pattern Emporium" sign since I now have one $3.00 shawl so I've got a manky old placeholder thing up for the moment.  All my graphics stuff is on my Windows laptop and I don't feel like hauling it out.  Everything else is on the Linux laptop I use all the time.  Why two?  Because I can buy surplus laptops dirt cheap and upgrade, plus apparently I like living in an apartment littered with old hard drives and such.

Such is life.  Meh.