Saturday, December 06, 2014

DIY Embalming For Fun and Profit

No, the blog's not dead yet.  I've got several new patterns I'm working on, a couple Industrial/Gothic, some Victorian/Steampunk, and a Miscellaneous or two.   I still have the intention of cobbling together my monster collection of filet crochet underwear patterns into one book but that project stalled after I got about half the images scanned.  I've sorted them, decided which ones should be re-charted, then left them sitting on the desk underneath a stuffed Dalek.  I rule.

I haven't been regularly blogging for, hell, donkey's years.  A few days ago I saw (yes, really) a whole cooked chicken on the sidewalk as I was walking from the bus stop.  Did I think of taking a picture or at least rambling on about it over at the Blogopticon?  Big fat no. 

I still need to put up a new banner.  I suppose I'll get to that when I'm done watching all episodes of Star Trek TOS, Star Trek TNG, and Star Trek DS9.  Oh yeah, when you buy my patterns you're subsidizing my sad, sad nerd habit.  Sorry.

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