Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mmmmm, Eggplanty

Progress on the Corset Pullover I started yesterday. I liked the strappy orthopedic-ness of it. I've had the pattern lying around for a couple of years and finally decided to finally knit the fool thing because I'm a tad bored with that Ribbed Blouse right at the moment. Knitting the same damn stitch for six hours straight on Sunday can kinda do that to a girl.

I'm using two strands of some knotty eggplant-colored cotton (2 lb. cone) I got on eBay, which surprise! worked out to be the exact gauge. How the hell did that happen? Of course I read the ribbed chart wrong wrong wrong and didn't realise what I'd done until I'd gotten this far. I am not frogging it just to fix a stitch I didn't think was that exciting to begin with.

So. There.

I'm knitting it 2" longer than the pattern and the sleeves will be wrist-length and I'm leaving off that prissy dust ruffle.

Ribbed Blouse progress. As you can see the neck-hole starts at least 2" before the armhole does. The 1943 photo shows the model with a honkin' brooch holding the neck shut. If I don't figure out some buttons or buy a fancy-ass pin I'm going to be showing quite a bit more of my bra than I normally would without benefit of free drinks and/or dinner. Or a suggestion.

Shut up!

Just wait until I slap some shoulder pads in this sucker.


msfortuknit said...

I think its nice actully! You have more patients is incredible! Ok like I said,

Amy said...

I made the corset pullover!

It's a bit short on me, so by all means, do lengthen it!

And I also read the chart wrong because of a lack of a color printer, but I actually like my wrong stitch better than the real one, heehee.

Severina said...

Hey, a real person who has made the corset pullover! The pattern does seem a bit short--I thought the second picture of the model with her arm up hiked it up a bit too much for my taste so I made it 2" longer.
I think I like my wrong stitch better too.

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