Thursday, August 17, 2006

Arse! Feck! Drink!

While MagKnits does like me, Knitty apparently does not. So poo on Knitty! Poo on Blogger too since they don't want to post photos right now and there's no point in posting my rejected pattern if there's no photos in it, is it?

A big ol' constipated poo.

But I did win some Superyak yarn from the Vintage KAL. Even though I dearly love yak fiber I would like this just for the name "Superyak".


Lani said...

Well, Knitty is a bit picky, I guess. I have never tried to submit a pattern there before, due to the "word on the street." I am considering Magknits though.

Can't wait to see the reject pattern. I am sure it's fabulous. And pooh on them for not liking it. :-)

Severina said...

I have seen quite a few very nice rejected Knitty patterns on people's blogs. Mine was a 6-year-old spinning project I sent in on a whim.

Magknits does at least get back to you in a day or so. So I'd go for it.

Amy said...

Perhaps knitty gets more submissions than magknits and has a bigger pool to chose from? (Then why do they choose some of the things they do....?)

Severina said...

I think maybe Knitty does get more than MagKnits and they don't post as often so they have a buttload of submissions all at once. But yeah, I wonder at some of the things they pick--maybe they've got a fug quota.

I'll just have to send them something way better next time.

msfortuknit said...

Your just a bit too cool for them doll! Its strange, Ive known people to submit the same pattern at different times and had it rejected then accepted!
Bloggers moody!

Sorry about the submissions but yakhank is a nice way to show its appreciation!

Severina said...

I got a couple more things lined up--one is a definite and the other is an "almost definite". I'll just send something else to Knitty.

Blogger is not loading my pictures, AGAIN, so I'm back to using Picusa. Feh.

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