Sunday, March 30, 2014

Some Species of Update

I've finally gotten around to making printable PDF versions of some of my patterns. 

Crocheted Cogs


Jolly Roger Ski Band

I have a couple of new patterns I haven't finished writing up.  They'll be posted both here and in my Ravelry shop, most of them will still be free.

Back to my nap.


nefleurious said...

Hey there,
I absolutely love your blog - especially the knit/crochet undergarments and chicken-bone craft!! =) who doesn't want knitted knickers? or fun with chicken bones. You're a star!
As I am not much of a knitter, you have mentioned prevously some understays in crochet cotton. Is there any chance of getting a pattern for such?

Severina said...

Gahh, my comments section isn't linked to my email so I find them completely at random. "Wait, somebody commented? What?" :D

I think the crocheted understays I mentioned were photos of antique garments from Denmark found in Crochet, History and Technique by Lis Paludan (definitely worth grabbing used on I haven't found an actual pattern in my collection but as soon as I track one down I'll post it!