Thursday, January 02, 2014

News and Other Thingies

I've been intending on writing up two shawl patterns and posting them (dead laptop) plus I'm claiming I'm working on a book on filet crochet underthings (pure laziness) but I wrote this thing instead (brain damage).  Inexplicably it's published on Amazon where everyone can see it.

Sadly, it isn't the novel I've been working on for the past couple years.

Grace Harlowe At Overton College, Or Freshman Year Among the Undead is a mashup of an old-timey book from 1915.  I thought instead of all that basketball (brr!) I'd reanimate the dead.  Amazon has a preview and there's an excerpt over at the Blogopticon.

If reanimated old-timey college girls aren't your thing I've also got a pile of vintage patterns I've been sorting through.  I'll have a couple posted once I get the shawls written up and photographed.

Or I could take another really long nap.

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Iir said...

Oh! Your here again. I've missed your posts.