Sunday, October 01, 2006

Stuff From Forn Parts

I've been informed by my PRGE Secret Pal that there will be a box from Forn Parts creeping my way. So far I've gotten a really cool e-card with a 1930's Faye Wray from her that I've been much to lazy to post about. I'll blame it on Blogger. Yeah, that's the ticket. It's all Blogger's fault. From now on I shall blame everything from missing the bus to burning dinner on Blogger.

*dances like a lunatic at the prospect of free stuff*

*glowers at prospect of having to dump all this crap over at a Blogger Beta account*

I've informed my PRGE SP that she'll be getting a Box O'Shit sent to her from my Forn Parts as well. I don't know how her Parts are gonna deal with that but such is the life of Parts.

*ponders own Girl Parts*

I've had too much coffee. Like that's a bad thing.

I'm going to make another cup and go play Caesar III for a couple mindless hours, soon as I download a couple new scenarios from here. Usually my towns get the plague because I'm such a slack governor that I forget to build hospitals. D'oh! Behold Governor Crappius Maximus!!! And don't forget to pay your damn taxes, you slack Roman bastards.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!

Well I hope you have plentiful supply of viddles to keep you through the long wait at your letterbox......I'll be sending it off before the week is over!

looks like I'll need to supply you with some coffee too!

msfortuknit said...

I agree with her! hahah So how are things coming along? I love CAESAR III!

Sev's Breathless SP said...

*claps hands and squeals with joy whilst doing super-happy dance at prospect of getting box of metal bits and gravel and tangled skeins of Red Heart and rotten potatoes from Sev's Forn Parts*

Severina said...

Ahhh, I've been camped out at the mailbox with chips & dip a-waiting a box. Mailman keeps bringing me bills, though. Dammit. Perhaps I should give him chips as a bribe...

My Forn Parts is all stocked up with clanky metal bits and rotten-y things just for Missy Breathless.

Severina said...

*dancing like another lunatic*

MsFortuknit likes Caesar III! I can't get anybody here on my end interested in the fricken' game.

maiyuan said...

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