Sunday, January 15, 2006

100 Year Old Cake Update

I, with the help of a few unsuspecting friends, managed to polish off an entire 100 year-old cake with no ill effects. People will eat anything if you tell them your grandma made it.

I didn't bother to wrap it in foil or put it in a container because I had intended to bung it in the freezer. I never got around to that so it lived in the fridge for four days. It didn't get stale because, let's face it, it was already pretty damn stale when it came out of the oven.

The frosting I had left over turned into flubber. Didn't bounce as well as flubber but I'm moving in a couple months and that should be enough time to think up a good story for the chocolate splots on the walls.

Observe the container-shaped flubber frosting and weep in fear!

Next time I'm going for one of them prune cakes, or a beefsteak rolled around a hunka hunka burnin' lard. Tapioca Pork Chops! Band-Aid Supreme! (insert your favorite incoherent Happy Noodle Boy ramblings here)


Sherri said...

Severina, I need to discuss with you an important conspiratorial activity involving your bruddah and RavenCon in Richmond this coming April. I'm going to be working in the dealer's room there.

He says you wear a corset. I also own a few of those. We can communicate. Email me.

(does that sound scary and spy-ish enough? He's already nervous.)

Scott said...

Don't listen to her!

Severina said...

Soooo, are we cramming mt bro into a corset?

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