Sunday, September 03, 2006

Victorian Mitts Progress

Finished one mitt and I'm halfway through the second. They seem to be a bit large around the palm and tight around the wrist. The ribbing came down over the hand further than I'd thought it would. I've only seen these things on drawn hands rather than in photographs so I have no idea how long they're supposed to be. The pattern only said to knit for so many pattern repeats rather than to knit to such & such part of the hand or to work for so many inches. The length isn't bad, I'm just not sure if that's how long they're supposed to be.

Easy project. Cheap and nasty thrift store yarn but they might get reknitted in some nice handspun yak with silk trim. Or alpaca maybe.


Obsidian Kitten said...

those are fabou! (then again, i seen to be the queen of "wristwarmers" since i'm too fraidycat to try anything with fingers)

but i love the pattern of the cuff

yeah, i think you should try them in that handspun yak or maybe abominable snowman fleece (they say the belly fur is the softest part of the snow man)

Severina said...

You harvest the snowman belly fur and I'll spin it.

The only finger these have is the thumb so they're easy-peasy. You could even just leave a hole where the thumb goes.

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