Sunday, June 11, 2006

Random Vintage Sewing Project

OK, so Blogger does love me after all. Bastards.

First picture--my absolute favorite 1950's blouse.

Pros--Great collar and some pretty snazzy darts in the front & back. Cotton so it's comfortable under a sweater. The armholes are the right size so there's no "free show" every time you put up an arm.

Cons--it's now too big, tain't got no sleeves, you have to iron it (bugger!), and the color is less than stellar.

I've worn it about a thousand times and I think I only paid like six bucks for it at a vintage clothes shop.

Joann's had a sale on brocades last year. I seem to hoard fabric for years before I can bring myself to cut it up. Perfect fabric must have a perfect pattern!!!

I bought enough of this color to make a blouse and a corset, whenever I get around to it. Of course it's black.

I drafted a 1950's style fitted blouse with cap sleeves and traced the collar from the original onto the pattern. I decided that my sewing machine was too cranky to do buttonholes in brocade fabric without eating a hole in it so I used black snaps.

Fits pretty well. I did decide that I can't stand to set in cap sleeves. I don't like basting and any kind of gathering by hand so setting in a sleeve is top on my list of stuff I hate hate hate. Not top on the list but definitely right behind American Idol, Fun Fur, and dill pickles.


msfortuknit said...

beautiful beautiful!

Sherri said...

That looks pretty good.

I'm very fond of the T-tunic for the very sleeve-set hating reasons you list.

Severina said...

I would go with ye olde T-tunic design but that tends to look like maternity wear on me. It ain't fair that comfort does not equal style.

I could have drafted the pattern to include the sleeves but then I would have had a weird seam down the shoulders. Brocade just does not lie flat.

Sherri said...

No, it do not. I wonder if darts would work in a T-tunic. Or batwings, or anyuthing where you cut the sleeves with the body...?

Severina said...

Kimono style sleeves sometimes have a dart under the arm at the bust but that just seems like another annoying seam.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across this site by accident, amazing what will pop up under a google search of buttonholes in I'm not the only one to have that problem...Just finished a lace-up tank top out of some Joann's brocade scraps I picked up at 50% off...and I can't stand to do actual hems on items, so I just finished it in a really tight zigzag stitch on all the raw edges and added some fray check. Hope that works...but since this is the first time I've worked with brocade, only time will tell. Any tips?

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