Sunday, January 01, 2006

Groovin' On Some Home Decor

Is your son or daughter too old for cute baby animals and happy clowns? A Psychotic Owl is the perfect thing to hang over your child's bed!

"See honey, Mr. Owl will be watching over you. Sleep tight!"

Kid wakes up one night with that thing squatting on his chest, staring.

"Waaaahhhhh!!! Wah-wah-waaaahhhhh!!!"

Too old for baby animals and clowns but you're not too old to cry are ya?

This Doobie Brothers-Inspired Embroidery to the left just fills me with the spirit. Or makes me want to drink some damn spirits.

Apparently this is for a church-going dude's swingin' pad, made especially for him by his main lady. I can just smell the macrame plant hangers.


McCall's Needlework & Crafts, Spring-Summer 1970

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Anonymous said...

This is so groovy !!! Peace